Woman Shows How Easy It Is To Lose Weight By Making 20 Genius Food Swaps

#13 A Healthy Lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle

Here’s a perfect illustration of why I often steer clear of fast food 🍔 While it’s great to treat yourself every now & then, processed food calories add up quick without filling you up. Not to mention the added preservatives and chemicals. . The right side is everything I eat in a day ❤️Kind of crazy that it adds up to what could be one meal at a fast food restaurant. . Tips for making a day of filling meals: Load up on veggies Don’t forget healthy fats Pick filling proteins Choose the right amount of carbs for you If you’re going to drink your calories, make sure it’s low cal quality drinks or a solid protein shake

#14 The Real Question Is How Do You Want To Feel?

The Real Question Is How Do You Want To Feel?

The real question is how do you want to FEEL? ✨ All the choices you make either work for you or work against you 🙌 Make sure the food you’re picking is making a positive impact on your body! Missing snacks but here is a good idea how your day of food could look like ❤ — The high sodium content in the fast food meals is alarming because it comes from table salt which is heavily processed and bleached. Table salt has been linked to osteoporosis and stomach cancer. Vs using Himalayan pink sea salt at home which is naturally rich in iron and over 80+ minerals and elements which can regular water content, balance PH and create electrolyte balance. — The sugar content of the fast food breakfast is alarming and not the way you want to start your day with a huge insulin spike.

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