Woman Shows How Easy It Is To Lose Weight By Making 20 Genius Food Swaps

#5 “I’ll Take Any Excuse To Eat More Chocolate”

"I’ll Take Any Excuse To Eat More Chocolate"

“What are you hungry for?” is an important question! Choosing the “less healthy” option a) can be more satisfying and b) can save you a lot of calories! I know which one I’d choose ALSO many times, we try to satisfy our cravings with “healthy” food – only to end up eating the chocolate in the end anyway! Of course calories are not important for everyone to keep track of, but if it’s important to you, this may be good to keep in mind!

#6 Because Feeling Good Also Means Treating Yourself To The Food That You Want

Because Feeling Good Also Means Treating Yourself To The Food That You Want

Because feeling good also means treating yourself to the food that you want 😋 . I know I’ve been sharing a lot of calorie comparison posts lately so I wanted to remind you you don’t have to always beat yourself over caloric goals & amounts. . While the left side is fueling your body, the right side might be fueling your soul ❤️ That doesn’t mean you should have a clean eating lifestyle where you feel the need to binge on foods often. . Rather, you should have a healthy lifestyle you enjoy where you can have treats in spots you want them (NOT when someone is forcing you or on some random occasion you don’t really care about) 💫 . I often get asked “What happens when I do binge eat? How do I fix?”. Quite simply forgive yourself & get back to your healthy eating routine 😉 not need for some crazy “cleanse” 😛 . Left side is 6oz seared ahi tuna, steamed cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers & mixed greens with balsamic vinegar & olive oil dressing (not shown). Right side is 2 chocolate chip cookies with 8oz milk.

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