The 5 Love Languages of Narcissists & Empaths

Acts of service

Narcissists behave as though they are the most important person in the world, often because they were brought up in an environment where they were constantly praised, told they were “special,” and treated as king or queen of the residence. When they enter a relationship they feel as though they are entitled for this treatment to continue, and the person they are with is there to serve their every need.

Narcissists not only desire acts of service, (such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and laundry) from the person they are with, but they expect and even demand that their every need is catered to. Empaths often don’t have strong boundaries, and don’t like confrontations or saying no. Therefore, it’s highly likely that in this type of relationship empaths will be the ones carrying out continuous acts of service for their partner, receiving few thoughtful acts of service in return.

This means empaths can feel deeply unappreciated and unloved as they run around ensuring their partner is fully taken care of. Not only do they not receive anything in return, but they also feel guilty for taking time out to carry out acts of service for themselves.

This can deplete the empath’s energy levels and cause them to feel insecure and as though they aren’t worthy of someone taking time out to care for their needs. The narcissist’s energy levels heighten due to having someone there to serve them.

Acts of service would likely be highest on a narcissist’s love language list, and the least desired language of love empaths need.

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