The 5 Love Languages of Narcissists & Empaths

Receiving gifts 

Empaths are not usually materialistic—they are unimpressed by money, status, or image. Narcissists have a desperate need to be physically admired, and will do anything to have the latest technology, gadgets, or the most expensive jewellery, flashiest car, extravagant homes, and clothing. Gift buying is the narcissist’s preferred language of “love,” and they feel loved and show “love” through expensive, superficial purchases.

Empaths, generally, would rather receive a handmade gift or item of sentimental value than to be showered with expensive items.

Empaths would likely place gift giving as their least desired love language, whereas narcissists would place it at the top of the list. Empaths love to give gifts to their partners, and those they love, but would be meticulous with what they choose, and would pick something heartfelt and meaningful.

Narcissists would be inclined to give gifts as their way of showing love, particularly when they are in the “love bombing” or “hoovering” stages of the relationship.

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