The 5 Love Languages of Narcissists & Empaths

Quality time

Giving and receiving undivided and focused attention within our closest relationships is something that the majority of people would agree is necessary to feel fulfilled, loved, and cared for. This is not always easy with busy lives, but for many, there’s nothing that shows love more than their partner being fully present with them. 

Spending time with narcissists can be so deceiving because a narcissist’s primary concern is themselves, and the time spent with them is usually only to suit their own wants and desires and revolves around their own hobbies and interests. 

One of the ways narcissists control their partners is through alienating them from their family and friends. So when an empath is in this type of relationship they usually are, or feel, disconnected from other people. This means that the majority of an empath’s time will be spent with their narcissist partner, although this does not by any means determine that the time is quality or soul nourishing. In fact, there is a higher chance of it being dysfunctional and resulting in tempers, trauma, and fights.  

Narcissists will usually come up with a variety of reasons for not being fully present and attentive, and most of these will be projected onto the empath, by blaming them for any stress, frustration, or fatigue they may be experiencing.

It is rare for a narcissist to open up emotionally and authentically, or for them to have genuine interest in anyone but themselves, so time spent can be measured in great amounts of quantity but is highly unlikely to be quality.

Empaths, by contrast, have a deep need for soul connection with both their partners and their friends, so will likely be attentive and searching for depth and emotional engagement, which they will find difficult to achieve. 

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