The 5 Love Languages of Narcissists & Empaths

Words of affirmation

The major difference between the words that empaths and narcissists express in relationships is this: the words that narcissists speak are often delivered with self-serving ulterior motives in mind, while empaths generally communicate authentically with pure intention.

Narcissists are notorious for using a tactic known as “love bombing,” whereby they tell their partner everything they’ve been wanting to hear, purely to start a relationship, or to hook them back in when the relationship has ended or is going sour. They can be the most charming and persuasive partners, and instinctively know what to say in order to sweep someone off their feet and win them over.

This can appear as though they are naturally sweet and attentive with their words, that “words of affirmation” is their love language. However, all is not usually as it seems, which is why it is essential that empaths pay attention to see if words and actions align.

Narcissists pick and choose when and who they speak nicely to, and while they can be seductive with their choice of words, they can also be extremely abusive and can maliciously lash out and unleash a torrent of abuse on their partners.

Empaths are usually sincere when they speak, and when in relationships they use spoken communication to affirm their love, commitment, and loyalty to their partner. Empaths are renowned for being open and honest communicators, and by choice would be brutally truthful in all aspects of their relationship, but always with respect, thought, and care.

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