The 5 Love Languages of Narcissists & Empaths

Narcissists are renowned for being self-obsessed and feeling as though the world either does, or should, centre around them. 

The traits that define empaths include:

>> Thinking of other people’s needs before their own

>> Putting other people’s happiness and pleasure first

>> Taking on other people’s problems as though they are their own. In other words, going to all lengths to fix them

Unlike narcissists, empaths obsess more about other people’s requirements and emotional and mental well-being than they do their own. They often place other people on pedestals and can treat them as though they are the centre of the universe—to their own detriment.  

Therefore, it’s crystal clear to see why these two personality types can connect and bond so strongly. Everything narcissists need, empaths willingly provide, up to the point where empaths become so fatigued and worn out from the constant giving that they are either replaced by the narcissist for someone who has a fresh supply of energy, or the empath hits the “wall” and walks away. 

How we express and experience love differs from person to person, and is also dependent on the type of relationship we are in.

We may find it easier to express ourselves more with certain people than others, and this is particularly evident when we take a closer look at the empath/narcissist dynamic. While not all empaths and narcissists are the same, they can both have quite predictable patterns of behaviour. 

The five love languages, and how they present in empath/narcissist relationships are as follows:

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