Ten Ways Life Will Change If China Becomes The World’s Superpower

4. Mainstream Movies Will All Be State-Approved Propaganda

A night at the movies, when China is in power, is going to be like a night at the Chinese propaganda ministry.

China has been blunt about their goals. They want the movies in theaters to—as Xi Jinping put it—“extol our Party, our country, our people, and our heroes” and to make sure China is portrayed “as a civilized place featuring a rich history, with good government and a developed economy.”[7]

The Chinese state has started their own film production company to try to get those movies out there. They’re already working on making their own movies—they recently got Matt Damon, for example, to star in their film The Great Wall.

And they’ve already managed to get other countries to rewrite their moviesto appease them. The villain in Red Dawn (the 2012 version) was changed from China to North Korea, while Looper was set in a futuristic China.

China flatly rejects the idea that art shouldn’t be controlled by the state—and if they keep growing in power, they’re going to get their way. Every mainstream movie you see, no matter where it was made, will have been run by the propaganda department and tweaked until it got the state’s seal of approval.

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