Ten Ways Life Will Change If China Becomes The World’s Superpower

5. Europe Will Slump

After thousands of years with Europe on top of the world, we’re finally starting to see their power plummet.

Since 2000, the power of European countries has waned like never before, all while Asia has been on a steady rise. Meanwhile, China has been cementing their partnerships with the countries of Asia and Africa—which could mean that the whole center of the world’s power might just be about to shift over to the Eastern Hemisphere.

It’s already changing Europe. A lot of European countries have responded to their declining influence by trying to reimagine the continent as a united power in an effort to get their strengths up.[6]

But if China takes over as the world’s superpower, we can expect North America and Europe to become a lot less important than their allies in the East. Europeans are going to see their wages plummet and their luxuries vanish as Asia and Africa boom forward.

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