Ten Ways Life Will Change If China Becomes The World’s Superpower

8. World Policing Will Come To An End

Despite some people’s paranoia, China probably won’t use its newfound power to take over the world and force everyone to be communist. If their deals with Africa are any indication, China’s going to work with a very gentle hand.[3]

China has an official policy of noninterference with African governments. While the US has a history of sweeping into undeveloped countries and taking out dictators, China, as a rule, leaves them alone. They even invested money in countries like Sudan and Zimbabwe at the height of their human rights crimes, working off the principle that isn’t their job to police other governments.

That’s going to be a pretty major difference from the US. The US military is no longer meant to just protect America—it’s considered the main defense of all of Europe as well, not to mention almost every democratic nation in the world.

But China doesn’t care about democracy. And if their military starts to outpower America’s, we might just see an end to the era of soldiers swarming into underdeveloped countries.

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