Ten Ways Life Will Change If China Becomes The World’s Superpower

9. The United States Will Slump Into A Depression

The United States is going to be hit hard when they lose their place as the world’s superpower. They won’t just quietly slip down into second place—they’re going plummet down into a massive economic depression.

Right now, America is in a great place because its currency is used for almost all international trade. The US dollar is treated like the new gold standard, and that’s keeping the American economy relatively stable.

But China is fully intent on putting an end to America’s cushy position. They have publicly declared their plan to have the Chinese yuan to replace the US dollar as the standard for international trade, and if they pull it off, America’s going to get hit hard.[2]

The second that the dollar loses its spot as the currency of international trade, the United States will plummet into a depression. The US will, almost overnight, lose two percent of its economic output. Import prices will skyrocket, export prices will plummet, and countless people will lose their jobs.

After all that, the US just might be begging Africa for aid.

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