Ten Ways Life Will Change If China Becomes The World’s Superpower

10. Africa Will Become A Greater World Power

China’s rise won’t just be good for China. The whole balance of power is going to change—and one of the biggest differences is going to be a whole lot more power in Africa.

Not many people realize just how big of a role China is already playing in Africa. China is currently the biggest source of African aid in the world. They’ve invested billions of dollars into the continent, and they’re only planning on spending more. By 2025, they’re projected to have sent Africa $1 trillion.[1]

Western countries have too many moral qualms to invest that much money in a land where so many countries are led by dictators. American money tends to come with demands for political reform or the ends of atrocities—or, depending on who the president is, just gets cut altogether.

But China doesn’t care what Africa does. They’ve happily given money to the worst African tyrants, so long as it’s profitable for them, which it usually is. China says they get a sixfold return on every dollar they invest in Africa.

Africa has already set itself up as one of China’s closest trade partners, and, in exchange, China has lobbied to get more African states in the UN, which means that as China rises, Africa’s going to climb up with it. And since they’ll be allowed to do things their own way, we won’t just see a world under Chinese influence. We’ll start to see a world under African influence, as well.

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