Love Addicts: 15 Confessions From People In The Most Complex Relationships

3. Serial Cheater


Look, if you’ve cheated on your husband four times and are so addicted to falling in love and all the butterflies that come in the beginning stages, perhaps you’re just not meant to be married. It’s not fair to yourself or your husband to keep up a front of a happy marriage when you’re regularly going behind his back to feed your addiction. Instead, an open marriage should be discussed, if marriage is an absolute necessity, but either way, the other person shouldn’t be left in the dark.

Cheating on partners and relishing the thrill and excitement of a brand new relationship is a common theme among those addicted to love, which is part of the reason why it’s so devastating to people and their partners. If an open relationship hasn’t been discussed, it’s only fair for this Whisper user to come clean and accept the consequences. Once is a mistake, but four times is a conscious pattern.

2. Two Down, How Many More To Go?


It sounds to us like this Whisper user might be the future of the last one! If you’ve already single-handedly destroyed two marriages due to your addiction, perhaps you need to take a good long look at yourself and figure out what needs to change. Clearly, a monogamous marriage is not possible at this time, and before jumping headlong into something new, this Whisper user needs to get help. (Fortunately, they seem to have finally realized that for themselves!)

Marriage is hard work, and until you’ve been able to work on yourself and figure out what you want and what you can bring to the table (good or bad), you should probably hold off. (Therapy and a recovery program would be a good place to start.) We hope that this Whisper writer decides to postpone marriage number three until they’ve done all that, and then maybe the third time can finally be the charm!

1. Trauma To Redemption


Finally, we have a sort of-success story to end things on! Sadly for this initial user, they didn’t just have to deal with a traumatic experience, they had to endure an addiction it brought on. (While this might strike some people as an odd way to cope with such a trauma, we all grieve and deal with things differently, and there’s no right way to do it.)

We think it’s pretty awesome that this Whisper writer has committed to recovery, because that couldn’t have been an easy decision to make. Celibacy is what is frequently recommended to those in recovery for love and s*x addiction, for about a year (although timelines vary). This allows you to realize that you can exits without those emotional crutches, but also recognize your personal worth and value without being in relation to someone else. We wish this user all the best and hope they can come out clean and happy on the other side!

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