Love Addicts: 15 Confessions From People In The Most Complex Relationships

5. Addiction Means Lack Of Self-Control

It sounds to us like this Whisper user didn’t only cheat on their loved one, but that their loved one found out and left them because of it. That would be pretty devastating because not only have you lost your SO, but you’re the harbinger of your own unhappiness. This is a pretty honest portrayal of addiction, and while we completely understand that this Whisper writer was the guilty party, they seem truly remorseful for what they did, and so we sympathize with them more than we would with others who seem unwilling to change their behaviours (or unapologetic of them).

4. It Runs In The Family

Chances are, this Whisper user saw the destruction her own father’s habit left in its wake, and when that’s still not enough to prevent her from following the same path (despite being in a treatment program), you have to wonder how deep-seated that addiction is. Perhaps – and we’re just spit-balling here – this Whisper writer has never known what a healthy relationship looked like, and so it’s only natural that that, along with her inherited issues, would cause her to be afflicted in the same way. Unfortunately, this Whisper user wasn’t the first we came across that said meetings were more of a temptation than a help. Well, when you spend the entire day talking about doing the deed, where else is your mind going to go?

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