Love Addicts: 15 Confessions From People In The Most Complex Relationships

7. Prisoner Of Vice

6. On A Constant Hunt For Self-Assurance


Again, self-esteem and insecurity comes out to play in this Whisper confession! Despite having a loving relationship with his current girlfriend, this user still searches for women who aren’t her and who he considers to be “out of his league”. While we’ve felt a lot of sympathy for other users on this list, we can’t feel much for this guy, because he’s duping his GF and insulting her – clearly, he considers her to be well within his appointed “league” and therefore not as good as these other women he’s stepping out with!

We also wonder how this Whisper writer is able to abscond for so many nights to indulge in these one-night stands. It all sounds pretty sleazy to us, and while we can sympathize with this guy’s inability to stop himself, we can’t go all the way with it because he’s pulling his naïve SO along.

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