Love Addicts: 15 Confessions From People In The Most Complex Relationships

9. Ruled By Major Self-Esteem Issues


Remember how we mentioned that being addicted to s*x and love likely had roots in insecurity and self-esteem issues? Well, this Whisper user makes that very clear, if you didn’t understand things already!

Deriving your sense of self-worth from the attractions or interest of someone else simply isn’t a healthy way to live. You’re hanging your hat on another person, and when that person goes away, what are you left with? It sounds like this writer feels like they don’t have much else to offer, which is why they need a guy to be attracted to them – it makes them feel seen and worthy of existing. It’s a pretty slippery slope, though, because looks don’t last forever, and building “relationships” on something so trivial leads to endless surface encounters and nothing deeper. This user knows all of that, we’re sure (judging by her confession), but we hope she can discover all the other attributes that make her worthwhile.

8. Oh, The Irony!

Newsflash: Those afflicted with s*x and love addictions and in recovery for it are often trying their best to avoid scenarios that put them in relationships with toxic people, like the kind who want to hop into bed with a recovering addict. So, people who think that this is just a sexy come-on: you should probably just give up.

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