Love Addicts: 15 Confessions From People In The Most Complex Relationships

11. Caught In A Vicious Cycle


Like the Whisper user a couple confessions ago, this writer finds some of the thrill in the manipulation. If you’re feeling out of control in other aspects of your life, being able to use people to meet your own ends can be an alluring method of taking back that control in some way. Just like other addictions such as drugs or alcohol or eating disorders, love addiction narrows your focus to one thing: find love, chase that high, and find someone else to fill the void after the initial high wear off.

However, true love requires some commitment, which this Whisper user obviously struggles with. That would require laying your emotions and vulnerabilities bare, and if you’re not able to recognize your emotions and their sources, how could you possibly fully commit to another person? We hope this user eventually finds what they’re looking for, because what they’re doing right now definitely isn’t working.

10. Is It Love Or Is It Lust?


Love is something that takes time. Even the phrase “love at first sight” feels like a misnomer, because how can you know someone fully just by looking at them? Lust, on the other hand, is way easier. You can lust over a hot waiter or a celebrity you’ve never met or even a designer purse you’ve had your eye on. For a love addict, though, the two become synonymous, because they rarely feel love, just the initial infatuation or “high” that comes with meeting someone new and being attracted to them. It’s definitely a powerful feeling, but nowhere near as potent as love.

We feel for this Whisper user, though, because that’s not a fun position to be in. In addition to being downright confusing, it could lead to bad choices in any future relationships, and loads of heartache along the way. Perhaps the first thing this Whisper writer should do is learn to love themselves before involving anyone else.

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