Love Addicts: 15 Confessions From People In The Most Complex Relationships

13. Career Casanova


A lot of us love the honeymoon phase that comes with a new relationship or crush. The butterflies, the newness of it all, the anticipation that comes from seeing them – it’s a lot of fun before you settle into a routine and discover that stuff that makes a relationship last longer. But, this Whisper user hit the nail on the head when it comes to love addiction. Falling in love is a rush, just like a drug, and the high probably becomes shorter and shorter the more it happens, especially if you’re chasing it like this guy.

However, despite all that, we think this Whisper user is pretty damn manipulative to play these women like instruments, using them for what he wants before totally ghosting. If he’s making them fall in love with him, like he says, then he’s gaming their emotions and that is something we can’t agree with. We know that addicts don’t always make responsible decisions, but surely recognizing his behaviour is step one?

12. In It For The Thrill


The thing with love and s*x addiction is that you’re willing to get it from anyone, anywhere, even if you consciously know you’re making terrible and possibly harmful decisions (and even if the person in question isn’t someone you’d normally give the time of day to). Hooking up with a guy you’ve brought back from the club is one thing, but having a series of one-night stands just for the thrill can be dangerous!

We’re certainly not ones to judge the after-dark antics of someone we don’t even know, but we do wish this Whisper user would seek help for what is clearly a form of self-harm. They hate what they’re doing and recognize it as wrong, but they can’t break the cycle they’ve become so used to. Not only are they addicted to the feeling of love or doing the dirty with someone who is essentially a stranger, but the thrill and power that comes from doing it is definitely a difficult habit to break.

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