Love Addicts: 15 Confessions From People In The Most Complex Relationships

15. Happiness Is Dependent On One Sole Thing


It’s a misconception to equate love with obsession, and being happy about pining over someone means that you actually prefer when you can’t happen as opposed to when you can. Pining over someone might make you feel like you have some sort of purpose, or some end goal, but if you finally got what you wanted, after spending so much time romanticizing it, would it live up to your expectations? Probably not.

Codependency is a very real issue that a lot of people addicted to love or s*x find themselves dealing with. They’ve bought into the notion that they’re not a whole person, but simply one half of a whole that isn’t complete without a partner. We’re not purporting to be therapists or relationship experts, but it doesn’t take a medical degree to realize that there are some self-esteem issues at play here. We hope that this Whisper user can eventually learn that they’re more than enough, all by themselves.

14. Hiding It From The People Who Care Most


Okay, okay, we know that this guy is probably a major d-bag, even if he does have an addiction. Seriously, how many celebrities in the past have tried to explain away their infidelity by claiming to have a s*x addition or addictive behaviours when it comes to other women? After a few too many high-profile cases, it gets harder and harder so excuse plain jerky behaviour.

With this Whisper confession, we wonder if perhaps the user wouldn’t be better off simply playing the field (and saving his girlfriend from heartache). Plus, while he says his GF doesn’t know about his adulterous behaviour, we’re willing to bet that she has an inkling that all isn’t right in their relationship. With so many other women on the go, she’s got to be at least a little bit suspicious! For her sake, we hope she learns about his antics sooner rather than later.

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