If He Says 1 Of These 16 Things On A Date, Don’t Ever See Him Again

3. “My Ex Was A Straight Biatch”

When a man starts talking about his awful ex on the first date, that’s never a good sign. It either means that he’s still hung up on the chick, hasn’t fully recovered from the relationship, or he is a negative person – all bad, bad, bad. Even if his ex was hella crabby and made his life miserable, those details should surface later on in the relationship, and when he discusses it, his tone should make you believe that it’s water under the bridge. You should feel comforted by the fact that he’s completely over it and ready to move on, with you (hopefully). Opening up this dialogue on the first date clearly indicates that he’s not ready for anything serious, and even if he thinks he is, you know better.

2. “You Remind Me Of My Mom”

On the opposite end of the spectrum (and a good indication that you’re dealing with a mama’s boy) is the man whose heart belongs to one woman – his mom. It will be difficult to break the ties that this man has with the number one female in his life and to divide his time between you and her, but it would be even worse to know in the back of your mind that when he looks at you, he sees his mom. Shudder. There’s no getting over a statement like that. Even if you could consider it to be a compliment and write it off as a weird but forgivable acknowledgement, you won’t be able to forget about it when it comes time to consummate your relationship.

1. “Let’s Take A Selfie!”

Your first date with someone is a time to meet, get to know each other, and determine whether or not they’re worth a second face-to-face. Taking a selfie together on day 1 is sketchy because he a) is obsessed with himself, his phone, or getting attention, or b) is going to save that image for future activities that you don’t want to know about. It’s possible that the two of you really hit it off and he wants to capture the memory of your first date together, or maybe it’s to offset the awkward and add some comedic element to the date, but overall it’s a red flag because first date etiquette dictates not busting out your phone at all during those couple of crucial hours where you’re each trying to be on your best behaviour.

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