If He Says 1 Of These 16 Things On A Date, Don’t Ever See Him Again

7. “My Favourite Restaurants Are McDonalds & Subway”

While we’re not all angels when it comes to making healthy food choices (as we pointed out in the last entry), we do have a certain standard when it comes to dining. We’re definitely not going to turn down a foot-long meatball sub or a Big Mac combo, but we’re also not about to rank it as our ultimate “restaurant” of choice. When a man states that a fast food joint is his favourite, it tells you that he likes things fast, cheap, and easy – all qualities that you are most certainly not. Even stating a place such as a local diner or pub as his favourite is a step up from this, which at least tells you that he has the patience to withstand being served his meal and enjoy the company of another person.

6. “You’re Not A Feminist, Are You?”

Oh no he did not! Feminism is a complicated concept for most people to understand, but it is even more difficult for some men. They see it as hippie women marching for what they want, which is everything. When really, all feminism means is that the female population be treated just as equally as men are treated. Whether that means fairer wages, respect in the workplace, or not not being judged by how many men they’ve slept with. If a man isn’t on board with women’s rights, then he’s not going to be on board with you. Saying a statement like this just means that he’d prefer you to shave on the regular, cook him meals, and stay at home with the kids, all while stifling your voice and desire to be heard.

5. “I’m Not Looking For Anything Serious”

When this line is dropped mid-sip of sangria, you know this date has just been confirmed as an interview for a spot on his list of girls to text “hey” to at 2am. He’s searching for the one – or the one of many – who will satisfy his sole mission in the late hours of the evening. After he makes it obvious that he’s only searching for hookups, that’s the time to relax, let loose, and order whatever TF you want from that menu, because you no longer care about impressing this douchebag. The only time that this statement would be acceptable is if you’re both there for the same reasons, and then you can both high-five each other, pay the tab, and scedaddle into the night together.

4. “I Googled You Before Our Date”

So, this one is a little iffy because we all Google and/or search for our dates across social media before the first meeting. It’s become part of the dating ritual to determine what type of person they are and if their request to meet up will be accepted. However, saying it out loud in an out-of-the-blue, non-joking or unrelatable context, such as between bites of food or small talk, is just weird and hella awkward. It just highlights the fact that he was stalking you before you met, which can seriously creep a girl out (even though it’s not in the least bit surprising and something she also did). While it may be considered a casual anecdote for the date, it’s something we’d rather keep on the DL until we can bring it up and laugh about at a later time.

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