If He Says 1 Of These 16 Things On A Date, Don’t Ever See Him Again

11. “I Never Got Along Well With My Mother”

There is a fine line when it comes to a man and his relationship with his mother. He can’t be too close with her, but he also can’t disrespect her. Not getting along well with his mother can indicate a whole mess of issues, the majority of which you don’t want to deal with. But the clearest takeaway that you can get when hearing these words is that he probably has issues with authority, women, or a general lack of respect for people. If he can’t get along with the woman who birthed and raised him, then he’s most likely self-centred or deeply flawed. It’s possible that there is a history of something that caused a rift in their relationship, but if he’s always been hatin’ on his mom, he may not treat you right, either.

10. “You’re Not The Type I Usually Go For”

Okay there, buddy. The last thing you need is a man who’s acting like he’s doing you a favour by being on this date with you. Whether or not his type is athletic or curvy women, women who are ambitious or lazy, or those who are brunette or blonde. It really doesn’t matter what his typical type is, but even if you’re not it, he never should admit to it. We get that someone’s type can change when they meet the right person, but hearing a statement like that can seriously ruin any chance of the relationship going anywhere. It’s a giant mindf*ck that will have the you constantly questioning if you’re good enough for him and if he’ll leave you for someone who’s more his type.

9. “I’m Thinking About Moving Far Away”

Why are you even on this date then? If a man states that he’s plotting an escape from the city you both met up in, you know that he’s only looking for one thing – your booty. Even if he doesn’t actually have concrete plans for bailing just yet, stating it on the first date just means that it will always be at the back of his mind. He wants out, so it’s probably a good time for you to get out of this match, too. Even if you both connected on the first date and hoped it could continue, having to make him settle in the city he can’t stand will cause serious resentment in him. On the other hand, you don’t want to be the chick who up and leaves her whole life to follow a man, do you? And we all know how long-distance relationships end up. Abandoned in the airport’s lost and found.

8. “Wow, You Can Eat A Lot”

That’s right, fool. Thanks for the keen observation. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that women enjoy a burger and a plate of french fries just like men do, but yet it still shocks them when we order a dessert after downing a plate of spaghetti carbonara. Heaven forbid if we pair that meal with a couple of lagers. The carbs! Think of the carbs! If a woman lives a fairly healthy lifestyle and is burning through calories on the regular, anything she eats is just fuel for her forever-burning metabolism. But even if you’re rocking a muffin top and he’s just not that into it, the last thing you need is his watchful eye and criticisms over your meal choices. However, him taking notes about your food intake is probably just the ammo you needed to ditch his judgemental a**.

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