If He Says 1 Of These 16 Things On A Date, Don’t Ever See Him Again

15. “I Don’t Like Dogs”

It shouldn’t even some as a surprise that this hater is gonna get kicked to the curb. Not liking dogs is like not liking laughter or pizza. It’s just crazy talk. A man who likes dogs has a warm heart, is affectionate, responsible, and treats another living creature with admiration and respect. A man who doesn’t like dogs, well, they’re surely a serial killer or are dead inside. If you don’t want to have to continuously justify why you love to make new friends with every dog you meet or have him scoff at your puppy calendar with each new month, it’s best to ditch this fella before his true colours appear. No potential boyfriend is worth keeping around if it means that there will be no dog in your future together.

14. “Can We Talk About Jesus?”

If you wanted to be recruited into the church, you’d go join a bunch of Jesus-lovers at a local Meetup or respond to an ad seeking religious females. If you and your date happened to have matched up on ChristianMingle.com, then maybe this question wouldn’t quite come out of left field. Although, even if you are a religious person, it doesn’t mean that you want to spend your whole night talking about Jesus. If there is anything Christian folk want people to know more about than God, it’s the fact that they have many more layers to their personality. So instead of dropping the J-word on the first date, maybe talk about other righteous topics, such as disaster relief efforts, feeding the homeless, or saving yourselves until marriage.

13. “Want To See Pictures Of My Taxidermy Collection?”

When anyone busts out their phone hoping to share their exciting memories with someone they just met, they better have a good excuse for doing it. It’s rare that someone will actually enjoy being shown an endless gallery of your backyard, adorable nephew, or your Snapchat selfies, but it’s even less appealing when their date is keeping a collection of dead animals in his home. Nah thanks. We’ll pass, on viewing the album and the likelihood of a second date. People who keep stuffed animals in their home (and not the cute and plushy ones) are the people of your nightmares. Seriously, Charles Albright (aka the Dallas Ripper or Dallas Slasher) loved taxidermy, as did Buffalo Bill and fictional character, Norman Bates. When he mentions this interest, run, don’t walk.

12. “I’ve Made Every Girl I’ve Ever Been With O In Bed”

If a man has to say this on the first date (or at any point in time, for that matter), he’s either trying way too hard or he’s a liar. You don’t want your date to be sending your mind to the gutter by force. You want it to happen naturally, when you have a successful, non-creepy first date and the mystery of his bedroom skills ends up with an invite for him to come over. Discovery makes the first of everything more exciting, so when he goes ahead and ruins it with this line – and builds potentially unrealistic expectations – it’ll be difficult for you even get in the mood, let alone play along in his egotistical fantasy. Also, if you just happen to let the curiosity get the better of you and decide to take him home for kicks, you can be sure he’ll tell you it’s your fault when he fails to deliver.

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