7 Things He Loved About You Pre-Relationship And 8 Things He Hated After

7. That You’re Turning Into Your Mother

It happens to the best of us. Right before our very own eyes, we begin to act more and more like our mothers. In many cases this is quite wonderful because our moms are like queens in our eyes. But you know who doesn’t like the idea of you being just like your mother? Your aggravated boyfriend. He thinks you sound just like her, have the exact same opinions and sensibilities, and you are even starting to dress like her. Not so hot. Not only that, you have begun spending more time with your mom when you used to spend all that time with him. He isn’t looking for a “cougar,” so this new personality of yours is not a turn on in any way. Love your mom, but not so far as to morph into momma.

6. That You Compare Him To Your Ex-Boyfriend

There is nothing worse than comparing your current man to your ex. Especially when you are doing it in front of your present fella. He doesn’t want to hear anything about your past relationships, so comparing and contrasting for him to hear isn’t going to make your relationship any better. Does he want to know which type of beer and TV shows your ex used to love? Heck no. He doesn’t care that your ex had a Master’s degree or that he was 6’7”. He knows that your ex wasn’t balding like he is and he is fully aware that your ex was a great cook and always bought you flowers. If you think your ex was such a prize, then why aren’t you still a couple? He’s an ex for a reason, so focus your attention on your man of the moment, or else he’ll soon land in your “ex files” as well.

5. That You Stopped Shaving

Oh heck no. You cannot let yourself go just because you are in a long-term relationship. Men like smooth legs and hairless armpits whether they are in a one-week relationship or a 25-year marriage. Unless you are the all-natural type and he is, and has been totally into it since the get go, you cannot suddenly grow out all your stubble and expect him to embrace the furriness. If you want to stop shaving and grow out all your hair, more power to ya. The natural look is a lot easier to maintain than getting weekly bikini waxes and laser removal. But not every man wants to run his hands over a scratchy thigh. At least give him fair warning that you are dumping the razors and letting loose. He can decide if the stubble is worth the trouble.

4. That You Nag Constantly

A woman who nags day in and day out is sure to lose her man before she can utter her next complaint. No man can stand a nagger, and if you begin to nag more frequently as the relationship matures, then you are sure to find yourself all alone and looking for dates again before you know it. Complaining, criticizing, and bothering your man all the time is not healthy for the relationship. He will start to tune you out and soon totally ignore you. That whiny voice of yours will make him cringe and he will spend more and more time huddled up in his “man cave” just to get away from you and your annoying nagging. Be kind, pick your battles, and nix the nags. Your man may not be “Mr. Perfect,” but “Miss Nag” is a real drag.

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