7 Things He Loved About You Pre-Relationship And 8 Things He Hated After

11. Your Quirky Sense Of Humor

Not everyone gets (or wants to get) your unusual/warped sense of humor, but your boyfriend surely does. He laughs at all of your corny jokes and understands your dry wit and comedic timing to a tee. He knows that you are a little “out there” when it comes to what you find funny, but he delights in your unique quirkiness and sometimes awkward sense of humor. When nobody else is laughing at your off-the-wall jokes and silly riddles, you can always count on your reliable man for a big hearty belly laugh and a sincere chuckle. Humor is very important in a relationship, so knowing that he already thinks you are a barrel of laughs is a sure sign that you are getting your relationship off on the right foot.

10. Your Super-Cool Friends

It is a very good sign when a guy you like is totally cool with your “squad” too. Your close group of friends means a lot to you, so knowing that your fine fella thinks they are as special as you are is a fabulous feeling. You spend lots of time with your pack of girls and want them to be able to feel super-comfortable around the guy you are dating too. It would really suck if your man thought your best gal pals were total losers or irritatingly annoying. He may have a bunch of single guy friends looking for a match, so you can all go out as a large group and see which of the friends hit it off. Double (or triple) dating was never so much fun!

9. How You Look In A Bikini

Your man loves your feminine body, so why not show it off in a teeny tiny yellow polka dot bikini? OK, so it doesn’t actually have to be covered in polka dots, but just make sure it fits well and shows off all of your womanly assets. A woman who is obviously secure in her own skin is undeniably attractive, and a guy loves to see lots of skin. Get yourself in beach-ready shape and put on that cute string bikini with self-assurance. Any guy would feel like a million bucks with a hot babe on his arm who looks like a supermodel in her swimwear. Just be sure to slather on plenty of sunscreen before hitting the waves! Surely your man will help you cover all those hard-to-reach spots.


8. That You No Longer Worship The Ground He Walks On

When you first got together, you thought your man was a real-life knight in shining armor. He was the king of your universe and you would do anything for him – anytime and anywhere. You told him he was the most handsome fella you had ever laid eyes on. You thought he was the smartest and most hysterical guy you had ever met. You loved his mind, body, and soul. You would cook for him, clean up after him, buy him gifts, and give him daily massages. Every thought, 24/7, was about him, and he knew it. Now you are not quite as excited by him and you no longer worship the ground he walks on. He loved being treated like gold and now he is feeling less-than-special. The king has been dethroned.

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