7 Things He Loved About You Pre-Relationship And 8 Things He Hated After


15. Your Goofy Laugh

You may have always been self-conscious about your funny-sounding laugh, but when you got together with your man, he couldn’t get enough of it. Those little piggy snorts and high-pitched sounds made him think you were the most adorable girl in the world. He would do everything he could to make you laugh out loud by telling stupid jokes and acting like a fool. But you loved his playful antics and your goofy laugh would bust out of your body without control. You enjoyed the fact that he admired your quirkiness and fun-loving side, even though the laughter would turn heads due to its odd sound. Sure, it may have been a tad embarrassing in romantic restaurants or at the movies, but he wouldn’t have you chuckle any other way.

14. Your Delicious Cooking

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so it was no surprise that your boyfriend loved how you wanted to cook homemade meals for him when you first started dating. Whether you whipped up a gourmet recipe at his place or yours, your man couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into your custom culinary creations. You’d make dishes like cheese lasagna, shrimp scampi, and juicy pot roast for dinner, and in the morning, you’d surprise him with a stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup or sunny side up eggs with a side of bacon. Sure, he may have gained a few pounds, but they were worth every morsel. Plus, he saved money by not having to dine out, so he enjoyed the fact that you are a wiz in the kitchen even more. Bon Appetit!

13. Your Love For Animals

As an animal lover himself, when you first got with your man and he learned that you love animals as well, he was as smitten as a kitten! You love dogs of all breeds, you are as close to a “cat lady” as one can be without being considered crazy, and you love taking regular trips to the zoo. You take time out of our day to feed the birds in your yard and you even donate monthly to the ASPCA. He knows you are a caring soul since you adore animals of all kinds with such raw emotion. He would often think you love your pets more than you love him, but he became OK with that. Knowing that you accept his pit bull as you would your own, he knew you were a keeper. He may not have the same fondness for snakes and lizards that you do, but at least he loves the fluffy animals just as much.

12. The Way You Kiss

There is nothing quite like that first kiss that sparks magic, excitement, and anticipation of what is to come in the future. Kissing for hours on end seems like the status quo of your relationship and every time your lips meet is like pure bliss. Your man tells you that you are the best kisser in the world and just cannot get enough of those soft and pillow-like lips of yours. He claims your breath is always fresh and minty and you know how to make him feel so special. Whether it is a small peck before leaving for work or a steamy make-out session that lasts all night, the way you kiss is his favorite. Will this lip lust last? Pucker up and find out in a few months.

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