7 Things He Loved About You Pre-Relationship And 8 Things He Hated After

Relationships are a funny thing. At first, they are all about instant lust and a magnetic, even chemical, attraction. The “honeymoon phase” is like a sweet dream and you think it will last forever. You simply can’t get enough of one another, and everything about the other person is just as perfect as can be. You call and text each other constantly, and every time you think about one another, a huge toothy grin spreads across your face, and your eyes light up with sheer excitement. You are as smitten as a kitten, and the attraction is totally mutual. You don’t think the fabulous feeling will ever possibly subside, and you praise the good lord above for the magical workings of your matchmaker, cupid.

But as time passes, while you may still be going strong as a couple, those things you once adored about the other person start to rub you in a different way… and it’s not a good one. Adorable becomes annoying and sweet becomes sarcastic. Is it just basic human nature that relationships go from sizzling hot to lukewarm? Is everlasting love even a real concept? Sure, every relationship is different, but most wind up pretty much the same… the marvellous feeling of lust goes bust.

Here are 7 common things lots of guys love about their gal pre-relationship when things were just getting going and 8 things they start to frown upon after some time has passed. That 7-year itch is a rash that is universal… if it doesn’t come sooner.

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