7 Moves That Will Instantly Make You Look More Toned

Do these when you need a pump or posture boost right away.

Go backstage during any bodybuilding show, and aside from competitors getting bronzed up, you’ll also find them pumping out pushups, band curls, or a number of other bodyweight exercises.

Why bother? It’s not like they are going to add any last-minute muscle mass minutes before appearing on stage. But there is a legitimate reason for that last minute mini-workout: the pump.

Performing these higher-rep, lower-load movements boosts blood flow to your muscles, which increases swelling in the cells. The result? A slightly more swole you.

Choosing the right ones can improve your posture, too—making you look taller and leaner, while giving you the kind of presence that’ll make you stand out.

In fact, an expansive, widespread posture—as opposed to a hunched-over one—can help you feel more powerful, increase levels of testosterone, and lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, a study in Psychological Science found. In short, carry yourself the right way, and it can make you feel powerful, and it may even change your body chemistry, too.

So yes, you should be playing the long game with your fitness routine. But sometimes, you just want a little instant gratification. Men’s Health fitness editor Ebenezer Samuel created this workout for when you just want to look better, right now. You can do all of these exercises for a full body pump and postural reset, or you can pick a few for a quick pre-outing tune up.

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