6 Disturbing Truths Your Financial Expert Won’t Disclose… But Should

The Hidden Conflicts Of Interest That Financial Experts And Investment Media Don’t Want You To Know – Revealed!

If you think the expert financial advice you receive is unbiased then I have a swamp to sell you in Florida.

You can’t understand the advice you’re given until you know how the person is compensated and what inherent biases or beliefs taint that advice.

The problem is most people don’t understand the many problems inherent in the financial advice business. They naively trust in experts.

They’re not aware of the bias caused by the advisor’s current portfolio positions, or his need to sell products and services, or any other self-interests that might make his expert advice less than impartial.

Instead, most people follow the investment media and listen to professionals with the mistaken belief that expertise somehow ensures good results.

It doesn’t.

The truth is there are a lot of underlying problems making your financial expert’s advice less reliable than you’d like to believe:

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