20 Things Every Man Is Worried About On His First Date With Her (But She Doesn’t Realize)

5. How Does She Feel About Facial Hair?

Many guys are proud of their facial hair, but sometimes they just get too lazy to clean up their awkward patches or trim it when it gets a little unruly. There are also those guys who forget to shave under their chin and close to their neck. He may be worried that he slacked in the shaving department. Maybe you prefer a guy without a mustache and beard, or maybe he should have grown a mustache or beard because it seems to be a trend that just won’t go away. What is she into? Can you believe he’s actually over thinking it? If only he knew how long it takes to shave our legs.

4. Inviting Her Over

So, the night is coming to an end, it was overall a nice night, you had a good time, he had a good time, now what? He wants to see you again, he wants to see more of you, but he doesn’t know if he should invite you over for a nightcap, or a cup of tea, right? Maybe he wants to keep talking to you, he’s enjoying his time with you, but he doesn’t know what you’re actually expecting by the end of the date and if you’re expecting anything at all. How can he take things further without overdoing it?

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