20 Things Every Man Is Worried About On His First Date With Her (But She Doesn’t Realize)

7. Are His Clothes Ok?

He may look like he just threw something on, a tee shirt that was just lying around on his bedroom floor, but in actuality, he cares, he really cares. He might be stressing that you don’t like his tee shirt, his belt, or that his jeans are too big or too tight, who knows these days? There seems to be no limit in how tight men’s jeans can get, but maybe you are into loose legged jeans, or maybe he should have dressed up and worn a button-down shirt? He may try to approach you casually, but he is definitely over-thinking his style and his first impression.

6. Is There Something In His Teeth?

Everyone’s worried about having food on their face or in their teeth on the first date. Even though he may avoid anything too messy and not order finger foods, he may still worry by the end of the meal if he has some embarrassing leftovers by his nose, cheeks or lips. He doesn’t want to be left out of the secret, but he probably doesn’t know how to ask you on your very first date if he has something he should know about. The two of you are probably stressing about the exact same thing in the exact same moment, what a relief.

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