20 Things Every Man Is Worried About On His First Date With Her (But She Doesn’t Realize)

9. What If She’s Not Into Me?

He may be worried that you’re not into him within the first 10 minutes of the meeting, he may be worried you’re not into him after the first hour of meeting, and he may be worried you’re not into him a day later when the first date is finally over. What might strike you as his disinterest in you, may actually be his insecurity of how into him you actually are. If he really likes you, (which we hope so!) he won’t know how to tell if you’re into him or if you’re just acting nice. How can he tell the difference between politeness and interest?!

8. What’s The Right Amount Of Space To Give Her?

Some guys are over-aware of their hands and how much contact they are making with their girl. They may be afraid to hold your hand or hug you hello. He doesn’t want to overdo it and make you feel uncomfortable, just in case you’re not into him, or you’re not much of a hugger. He may be stressing out (on the inside) where and when to place his hands on what and who and how, how, how? He doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable and doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea about what kind of guy he is. Tricky.

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