20 Things Every Man Is Worried About On His First Date With Her (But She Doesn’t Realize)

13. Making The Right Call For A Casual Or Fancy Date

You’re probably not best friends going out on a date for the first time, and if you are, this can still be a fear of his. But, if this is the first time you’re meeting, he knows the date plans are up to him. Now, he’s stressing if he should impress you with a romantic and luxurious night out, or if he should keep it chill and casual to keep the pressure at bay. If he knows what kind of girl you are, he will know how to charm you best, but if this is your first time meeting, he might not know which direction to go.

12. Will She Be Bored?

Making the conversation flow on a first date is no easy feat. If he’s naturally confident and funny, this probably won’t concern him, but the chances are he’s not all that self-assured in this very situation. He may be worried if the conversation is boring you, afraid you’re not interested in the topics he’s bringing up, or the way he’s explaining his ‘super thrilling’ story. Then he can leap into the fear of overdoing it and talking too much, what’s that expression? Chewing your ear off? Right, he definitely doesn’t want to do that.

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