20 Things Every Man Is Worried About On His First Date With Her (But She Doesn’t Realize)

15. Not Looking Like His Profile Picture

More and more of us are meeting each other on dating applications and websites (or are dating websites obsolete at this point?). With that said, he knows that the only way you have of recognizing him is based on his profile photo. Men have a hard time telling what they look like in their photos and if they are actually true to what they look like on the every-day. If you’re meeting for the first time in real life, he is probably really anxious and worried that you may find him less attractive than his profile picture.

14. Will He Be Tall Enough If You’re In Heels?

Again, if you are meeting for the first time in real life, and you’ve only been communicating over your phones, and haven’t made any physical contact yet, he may be self-conscious about his height. Of course, if he falls into the 6’2 category, he might not be too concerned, unless of course, you’re 5’1 and aren’t a fan of a huge height difference. In the case where he’s not confidently tall, he may be self-conscious that he is shorter than you had expected. Typically, not a fear for a woman, but a big fear for many men.

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