20 Things Every Man Is Worried About On His First Date With Her (But She Doesn’t Realize)

17. How Cool Is Too Cool?

As the old game goes, it seems everyone likes it when the other plays hard to get. Many girls were whispered by their mothers and grandmothers to play hard to get when it comes to the man they desire, but little did they know men would learn to play the same game. On his first date with you, he may be stressing how to play it cool, without acting too eager, or too nice. After all, he doesn’t want to be labeled as ‘the nice guy’ that could easily be every guy’s worst nightmare.

16. Laying It On Too Thick In The Romance Department

He may be thinking about different styles of romance and charm to win you over on the first date. While flowers are the go-to for many guys, he may be worried that it’s too much or even cliché. He wants to do something that will make you feel special and adored, but he doesn’t want to overdo it and scare you off. Many guys have the urge to be romantic, or want to learn to be romantic but are too afraid it will turn off the very girl they are trying to win over and guess what, that girl is you.

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