20 Things Every Man Is Worried About On His First Date With Her (But She Doesn’t Realize)

19. How His Hair Looks

While it may not seem like a masculine fear, men are just as concerned with how their hair looks as women are. Okay, maybe not all men are, but maybe not all women are either. We just don’t want you overlooking how much time and effort he may have put into his hair. And, when he goes to the bathroom ‘real quick’ he may be checking out his do and rearranging his look with the same amount of time and consideration as you would. It’s time to bring back the 1950’s Grease comb, and comb back that hair without shame or stress.

18. Making Sure He’s Being A Gentleman

The rules for how a man should treat a woman these days are growing blurrier and blurrier. While way back when it was very clear how a man and woman should behave (uptight?) now men no longer know what to do without overstepping (or under-stepping) what’s expected of him. He may be over-thinking it, ‘Should I hold open the door for her?’ He may have too many doubts and questions circulating through his head that he may even forget to do the basic acts expected from person to person. So, beware, his inactivity may just be fear based.

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