15 Times It Is Acceptable To Take Back A Cheater

3. If he told you right away

He immediately came home and told you that he made a terrible mistake. I’m not talking a few days later, I’m talking hours later or right away the very next day. If someone is not a cheater by nature, the guilt of hiding something like this from you will eat them alive, even an hour after it happens. A serial cheater will have no problem withholding information from you because they will most likely do it again, and they don’t want to get caught in their ways. They know that the jig will be up, and that you could leave them. A good man knows when he is wrong and when to own up and apologize. A good man would never hide something so horrible from you because he knows how wrong he was to do it in the first place. Cheaters usually don’t have a conscience, or they just don’t care about you. If he immediately told you, that is definitely something to consider.

2. If it was one time and one time only

I don’t really believe in the notion of: once a cheater always a cheater. I believe that we are all human, and we are all capable of messing up. Like I said, in today’s day and age, there is so much temptation around. It makes it almost impossible for monogamous relationships to thrive. If it was ONE time, is it really worth completely destroying a relationship over? It is up to you. It is also entirely circumstantial. If it was with an ex, I wouldn’t put up with that. Not even if it was once. That means that there is still some residual feelings left there, and emotional cheating is SO much worse than physical cheating in my opinion. With an ex, it is both. If it was multiple times, it doesn’t matter who it was with. Once it has happened more than once, it becomes a choice rather than a mistake.

1. If he was absolutely plastered

I don’t agree with the people that say that being drunk isn’t an excuse, alcohol lowers your inhibitions. It is a fact. You do things that you would never normally do in real life. That includes cheating. If your man went out one night and made out with some random chick at the bar while he was blacked out, I don’t believe that it is worth it to walk away from a man who is normally a phenomenal boyfriend. You don’t know what actually went down. His boys could have pressured him into it if you two were in a fight. He could have not been conscious enough to make the right decision. If it was a one second kiss that he immediately regretted, I believe that that is forgivable.

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