15 Times It Is Acceptable To Take Back A Cheater

7. If he tells you every detail… if you want it

When he confesses, your mind will start to run rapid with questions. You will want to know all of the dirty details. You will want to know where, when, why. I personally do not believe that these miniscule details matter, it will do nothing but hurt you. Curiosity killed the cat girlfriend. However, to each their own. If he is willing to tell you everything right down to the details of the act itself – you know he is trying to make things right. He will have nothing to hide and he will want you to try to come to terms with the situation so you can both move on. If he is being secretive about it, unwilling to share, or downright cold – you should dump his a$$. A man who continues to hide an infidelity is a man that will probably do it again. He won’t want you to know the details because that means that you may catch onto his patterns.

6. If he agrees to go to therapy

Disclaimer: therapy is not for everyone. It is a possibility that you will want to go to couple’s therapy to try to work things through with him. Maybe you two have issues that need to be resolved, maybe you need the help of a professional to learn how to trust him again. Regardless of the circumstance, if this is what you want and need, best believe that he will be there right by your side. Even if he despises the idea because it is a fact that most men are a tad uncomfortable, he is doing it to make you happy and for your mental health and for the sake of the relationship. It is even better if he suggests it, because it shows that he wants to utilize every tool that you two can use. In therapy, he will be fully mentally present and listen to everything that the therapist has to say in regard to how you two can make things better.

5. If he stops doing things that get under your skin

Men and women tend to be pretty misunderstanding of each other at times. It is a serious miracle that we can even coexist. Men have this special ability to really annoy the living sh*t out of us. Your boyfriend may do certain things or have gross habits that seriously piss you off. A man that is trying to get things back on track with you after being unfaithful will stop everything that he does that gets under your skin. He may have not paid attention before, but he most certainly is now. It could be anything as simple as leaving the toilet seat up or taking out the garbage when he promised. It could be changing his texting and calling habits and be more consistent. If he is truly sorry, he will be on his best behavior if he knows what’s good for him.

4. If he hands over the passwords

This may be a little extreme and you may not even ask this of him, but he offers. He wants you to know that he has absolutely nothing to hide and you can have all access to his life. This is a gesture that shouldn’t really be ignored. A man that wants to continuously cheat would rather die than hand over his phone. He wouldn’t even allow you to glance over his shoulder when he is texting. Having all of the passwords to every social media page is really telling of his intentions. Although I personally do not believe in this – I think it is a total invasion of privacy, but it may just be what you need to start to trust him. Your faith in him is probably nonexistent at this point, and you may want to know his every move. I wouldn’t blame anyone for this. Instagram and Facebook make it all too easy for men to be dogs, and it is no surprise if you would want to monitor his behavior for a little while.

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