15 Times It Is Acceptable To Take Back A Cheater

11. If he gave you all of the time you needed to figure things out

He is not being pushy with you. He is allowing you to take your time to try to forgive him. Whether it is one month or six months, he will be there by your side whenever you are ready. Usually when a man is inconsiderate about your feelings, he really doesn’t care if you are ready or not. A selfish dude will want you back when he wants you back, and will have no problem walking away if you’re not ready when he wants you to be. This is serial cheater behavior, because their needs will always come before yours. His patience level matters, no doubt. If your man is completely understanding of your healing process, no matter how long it takes, he really cares about you and your needs. That is always a good sign. Again, totally your call whether you want to let him go completely or not.

10. If he is more affectionate than ever before

When someone’s partner cheats, we can’t help but feel insecure and uncomfortable in our own skin. It is natural to wonder what we did wrong for them to betray us like that. more likely than not, you are going to want him to show you that you are his one and only. Whether it is out in public or home watching a movie, you will want him to cuddle up to you. Or, you can feel the complete opposite. You may want nothing to do with him. It doesn’t change the fact that he will be hugging and kissing you everywhere and anywhere, at any time. A man who is trying to make things right with his lady will always want to be near her and holding her. He will be over the moon to even get the opportunity to not only spend time with you but to have the chance to also show you how much he loves you physically.

9. If he is painfully remorseful

He is crying or vividly upset at all times. He is borderline depressed at the very thought of losing you. This is a man who loves and cares about you. He doesn’t just say it, you can see it in his demeanor. He appears to be truly sorry for what he did. He will seem ashamed and embarrassed. Picture a puppy with its tail between its legs: that will be him. A man who knows what an awful thing he did will tell you that he is sorry until his face turns blue. He will beg and beg and beg for you to forgive him and it could even make you feel a little bit bad for him. Someone who is remorseful won’t just say it, either: they will show it. He will make amends because it is just the right thing to do, not because he was forced into it.

8. He will identify the pain he caused you

He understands the damage that he caused to you and your psyche. A good man will recognize what he put you through. Being cheated on is by far one of the most traumatizing events to ever endure, and he is well aware of this truth. He knows that you are hurting. The last thing he would ever want to see is you in pain, but he understands that hiding anything from you will cause further damage. He knows that being more deceitful will just ruin any slight chance he had at getting you back, and that is a risk that he will just not take. He completely accepts all responsibility for his actions. He will not shift the blame on you in any way, shape or form. He takes the soul blame for putting your relationship at risk. And he will express all of this and more to you, no matter how many times you need or want to hear it.

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