15 Times It Is Acceptable To Take Back A Cheater

15. If you think you can ACTUALLY forgive and trust him again

When someone cheats, I believe that you should try to forgive them: regardless if you want to stay in the relationship or not, for your own sake. Holding onto resentment is exhausting. Forgiveness is one thing, but being able to trust and be with him again is another. Even if he follows all of these steps, at the end of the day it is entirely up to you whether you stay. Some people can handle it, and some just can’t. it has nothing to do with self-esteem, it says nothing about who you are as a woman if you stay, it is just a choice. I wouldn’t take anyone back who doesn’t do everything in their power to make it right again. A terrible mistake like this needs to be rectified by the person who cheated. If they are truly sorry, if they truly love you, and if they truly want your relationship to get back on track… they will make it happen. No excuses.

14. If you two were on a break

Breaks are usually the time to assert whether a relationship is worth saving or not. there is no time limit to them. If you are away from your man for an extended period of time, it is never good news. I believe that in order for a man to stay faithful, they need to be having a physical relationship. Period. You don’t have to agree with me, but very rarely will a good man cheat if they are getting it on on a regular basis. If you are on a break and he slips, is it really that concerning to you? Being intimate is just that. It is a human act in which we all partake in. He may have just been lonely, he may have just needed some attention. Whatever the case may be, I would look past it and move on. You are going to end things with the love of your life because of what he did when you two were on a break? Give me a BREAK – no pun intended.

13. If he earns his way back into your life

Of course, you have every right to keep him in the dog house as long as you want to. it is your right to be as mad as you want to be. You even have a right to shut him out for a little bit. Who wouldn’t be livid? Anyone with a pulse would be absolutely furious at him. However, he is still doing everything in his power to try to earn back your trust and a place back in your life. He is at your complete mercy and will even fulfill the most ridiculous of requests. Trust me, the guy that truly loves you will go the extra ten miles to even just be in your presence again. Try it out – tell him that you want chocolate at 4 am and if he is at your house right away with a Hershey’s bar, that is a man who cares. He will know that he messed up royally and will do everything to try to fix it. Whether it is leaving flowers at your door step every day, calling to check up on you… he will practically be on his hands and knees begging.

12. If he has never lied to you once

If he has given you absolutely no reason to not trust him beforehand, chances are you can trust him again. Cheating is horrible, and no one should ever do it. However, I have mentioned before if he told you right away, it shows that he is an honest person. Cheating for a man like this is completely out of character. Unless you have caught him in constant lies – whether they are malicious or not. A person who is constantly telling fallacies or fabricating everything is something called a pathological liar. These people don’t change, and pathological liars are, you guessed it: serial cheaters. An honest and open person usually hates the idea of cheating. If he is usually these two things, chances are he will never do something to deceive you again. He will have learned his lesson, and rest assured that betraying your partner doesn’t feel good for anyone with a conscience.

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