15 Times A Freaky Open Relationship Enhanced The Love

2. It Proved That They Wanted To Be Together – As A Pair

In an attempt to spice up a seemingly dull relationship, one Reddit user described his experience trying out an open relationship with his partner. He said, “We set up a lot of ground rules initially, things like ‘you can’t hang out with that person all the time and sleep with them more than three times, etc. Things that would mean you were now in a relationship with someone else.” It seems like those rules worked in their favour, because it brought them to the realization that they preferred to be with each other, rather than other people.

He said that after their open relationship experiment, he and his partner “just can’t be bothered seeing other people,” and that their physical relationship always brought them more pleasure than any of the other partners they were in bed with.

1. Being Open Is An Addition, Not A Replacement

“We decided to be open because we understand that it’s natural to be attracted to other people, and we both really really love being physical with other people,” someone said about their relationship on Reddit. “But being open is not meant to replace the relationship, the attraction or the intimacy in our relationship. If we are having issues in our relationship, we make sure we work on it (and also not go on any dates). You don’t fix a rundown car by buying a new one.”

They said that the reason their open relationship works, is that they are honest with each other about everything, so that there is no jealousy between them. They also said that first and foremost, their relationship is the priority, so that it is always clear that any other partner involved in their relationship is secondary.

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