15 Times A Freaky Open Relationship Enhanced The Love

4. Infidelity Lead To An Open Relationship

In a Reddit thread about open relationships, one user described how she and her significant other came about deciding to be in an open relationship. As it turns out, their relationship began when she was cheating on her ex with her current partner. When she realized that her her affair was feeling more and more like a serious relationship, she broke things off with her ex. She that because her current relationship began with infidelity, it was important for them to work on a system that would work for them, so that there would be no room for betrayal in their relationship. “Because I cheated in my first relationship, we got to the root of why I did that — it was because I was becoming bored in the bedroom and felt disconnected from my ex — so our rule is we can sleep with other people, so long as the other person knows about it.”

3. Open Relationships Come Highly Recommended

In another Reddit thread about open relationships, one woman spoke out about how being in an open relationship has been working out for she and her boyfriend. She said, “I can’t even begin to tell you how much having a semi-open relationship has boosted our love life. Every once in a blue moon when a realistic opportunity arises for us to enjoy the company of another person either separate or together we have the TIME OF OUR LIFE!!!”

When you read a glowing review like that, how can you not want to try it? She said that their rules are fairly straight-forward, in that protection must always be used if there’s a new partner in the mix, and that anyone they get involved with must just be interested in the physical, because they aren’t trying to get into a relationship with other people.

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