15 Times A Freaky Open Relationship Enhanced The Love

6. This Guy Didn’t Want To Commit, So He Entered An Open Relationship

One man on Reddit who said that he wasn’t in a place in his life where he could commit to only one person decided that he would instead, be part of a relationship with two other people. The couple he’s with have been together for years, but occasionally, he joins them on dates, or sleeps with them.

According to him, the arrangement suits him just fine, because the couple he’s with are very committed to each other, and they don’t have any expectations about him staying in a relationship with them if he doesn’t want to. The only rule with them is that everyone needs to use protection. He’s even allowed to date whomever he would like, outside of their relationship. This is certainly one way to have you cake and eat it, too.

5. An Open Relationship Revived This Marriage

A couple who have been married for over a decade began their relationship and immediately fell deep in love with each other. However, after a few years of wedded bliss, they both found themselves wanting more, with both feeling like they wanted to experience something new. Of course, with neither of them wanted to cheat, so they discussed their feelings and desires one day. “I don’t even remember how it came up,” wrote the wife in a Reddit post, “I just remember that it was such a relief to finally tell my husband and have him feel the same way.”

For this couple, the rules are very straight-forward: they aren’t allowed to sleep with anyone from their workplaces or circle of friends, and they must remain completely honest with each other.

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