15 Times A Freaky Open Relationship Enhanced The Love

8. This Couple’s Open Relationship Is About Convenience

Have you even felt lonely or restless when your boo is away, and so you’re left just feeling hot and bothered? For one woman and her husband, their open relationship arrangement works to fill that void for when they’re not together. More specifically, their open relationship is only ever “in play” if you will, when the other is out of town.

This arrangement is convenient and works for them, because it means that they can be together as a couple, but still have the fun that they want when they’re apart. They do have other rules, however. Aside from only being able to sleep with other people when one of them is out of town, they also can’t continually sleep with the same people. This way, they say, it keeps things interesting — for those lonely nights when they’re apart.

7. One Woman Gets The Best Of Both Worlds

For Alyssa, who was also interviewed for an article in Cosmopolitan, she describes her open relationship as a “throuple,” which is a couple with three people in it. She’s in a relationship with a man named Joshua, and a woman who merely referred to as S. The three of them have included a fourth member in the past — a college student named Ann. However, when Ann began to cause a lot of drama for the throuple who didn’t usually have any drama between the three of them, they had to part ways.

Alyssa said that they’ve had other people join their throuple in the past, but right now, she, S, and Joshua are all getting along really well together, so they’re not really actively looking for someone new to join them. She loves their relationship because she can be with a man and a woman at the same time.

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