15 Times A Freaky Open Relationship Enhanced The Love

10. Sometimes, Open Relationships Are An Unexpected Solution

For Lori and her partner Jon, began their relationship as monogamous couple. However, about a year into their relationship, Jon became attracted to another woman. Instead of looking at it as a betrayal and allowing it to tear apart their relationship, Lori and Jon spoke about the situation and decided that they loved each other too much to let monogamy be the thing that split them up.

While at first, they tried swingers parties, after a while, it became kind of boring for both of them, so they began to explore dating other people while still remaining together. They say that they communicate with each other, and there are never any secrets about the other people they’re seeing, so that no one gets hurt. Now, the couple have been together for 13 years.

9. A Couple In An Open Relationship Lead Them To Greener Pastures

In an article in Cosmopolitan, a woman describes an open relationship she had with someone named Ned. Their arrangement was that they could have secondary partners, but that the two of them would remain “primary partners.” And that’s when she met another man named Luke. While the she and Ned remained primary partners, she became more and more interested in Luke, and eventually, this led to she and Ned “transitioning” out of their relationship.

Now, this might seem like a situation where an open relationship didn’t work, both people came out of it happy and amicable. During the course of this open relationship, both parties found other partners that they would rather be with. It just goes to show that while open relationships can be a catalyst for people to split up, it can sometimes be for the better.

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