15 Times A Freaky Open Relationship Enhanced The Love

14. Although Married, One Woman Has Never Been In A Monogamous Relationship

One woman writes in Salon Magazine about how her open marriage is as solid and trusting as any other monogamous relationships and marriages out there. This case is a little unique, because she describes how she and her husband both have separate partners, and that each of them are quite involved in the lives of the other people they’re dating.

While she has a family of her own, so does her girlfriend, and they’re involved to the point where they’re in each other’s children’s lives. She even picks up her girlfriend’s daughter from school every now and again. It might seem like a lot of lives to manage and intertwine, but she maintains that she and her husband are very happy in their marriage and family, but also like having the companionship of other people.

13. It’s The Only Way This Person Could Even Have A Relationship

In 2012, a woman named Arianne Cohen wrote a piece in The Guardian about her open relationship with her fiancé. While at first, she said that she and her partner discussed a lot of rules about how their open relationship was going to work, she realized later that the rules they were trying to establish was more about control and jealousy than having an actual open relationship.

However, she said that once she and her partner simplified things and agreed that there wouldn’t be any surprises, meaning full disclosure about their extramarital affairs, and that any dates with other lovers would be pre-scheduled, she found that things began to work more seamlessly in her relationship. They also agreed try and not see or spend time with each other’s lovers.

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