15 Most Unrealistic Things Women Expect Men To Do In Relationships

3. To Have A 6-Pack And Chiseled Arms

Working out and staying in shape requires time, dedication and discipline. Sometimes, our busy lifestyles simply don’t allow us to stay on top of the healthiest diet and the most rigorous exercise regimen. Cut him some slack if he has been traveling a lot for work or is taking night classes and doesn’t have that chiseled body that we are used to seeing from Ryan Gosling and Matthew McConaughey. In the same way that it is unfair for men to want a girl who is a size 0 with double D cups, we just can’t expect guys to have perfect bodies. If we are to get resentful the objectification of women that bombards our mass media, then we need to show the same level of body acceptance to men. Unless he never gets off the couch and mainlines McDonalds every day, it is better to keep your opinions about his love handles or gut to yourself.

2. Expecting Him To Spend Every Waking Moment With You

One of the key characteristics of a healthy relationship is the fact that you and him are not afraid to spend some alone time without each other. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you spend every waking moment together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, clinginess can get annoying to the point where you just want to rid yourself of that person altogether. Everyone has different needs for space and alone time, and its a common problem when you are with someone who has a different set of expectations than you do.

Many people mistakenly believe that hearing “I need some space” translates to “I’m working up the guts to dump you.” In reality, that could be further from the truth. Space in a relationship is healthy and it makes you miss that other person enough to want to see them again. Once you do see them again, you appreciate it more.

1. To Pay For Everything

Everyone has so many different rules when it comes to who pays for what on dates. First things first, it is customary for the guy to pay on the FIRST date. However, it is even more customary for the woman to offer to pay on the first date. After that, it is fair game. Men are not ATM machines and they have bills to pay just like we do. There is no bigger turn off for a guy than a girl who sees him as her meal ticket. He will feel like he is being used and unappreciated. If it gets too expensive to be going out to eat, then cook at home. If he is the one inviting you out to dinner and is generous enough to pay for the meal, then at least start making his favorite dishes at home. It will be romantic and the social pressure of being out in public will be off. There will be no awkward moment of waiting for the check to come and do that fake fumble to your purse in order to retrieve cash.

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