15 Most Unrealistic Things Women Expect Men To Do In Relationships

5. To Hire A Nanny/House-Maid To Do All The Chores

At a certain age, everyone should maintain a level of cleanliness in their own living environment. Expecting him to always have the dishwasher unloaded and not one speck of dirt on the ground is just unrealistic. Usually when people get busy, that means not everything sparkles and looks spic and span. It is one thing if a guy is a complete slob and just doesn’t keep his apartment sanitary. However, if there just a few things laying around here and there or if there is a little clutter, it is best just to look past it.

Step back and think of your own cleaning habits. If you expect your dude to maintain cleanliness, then you should do the same. Or hire a maid. Either way, it is just better to establish who does what when it comes to chores. That way, it just makes everyone life easier.

4. To Make More Money Than Her

There are some guys that are willing to be completely transparent about how much they make right off the bat. If they admit their salary early in the relationship, take that as him trying to set a certain level of expectations with you. Though we all will admit that we are happy for our boyfriends when they come home and say that they have got a promotion, you can’t expect him to become rich overnight.

If you are really that curious, then do some research about what he does in his field and what is the average salary of his position in the given area of the country. Information like this is not hard to find on Google. Once you find out the average range of salary, then that should set were his budget probably is. Though its good to want to date a guy who makes a steady income, being greedy when it comes to the way he spends his money is not your place.

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