15 Most Unrealistic Things Women Expect Men To Do In Relationships

7. To Be Well Endowed

Just like not all of us can have DD’s, not all guys can be hung like a horse. That is just the reality that we all have to deal with. This is a particular sensitive subject if he ever mentions his size or if you bring up his size. In fact, it is just best practice to avoid that discussion altogether to spare both parties a horribly awkward conversation. Just remember that we all would prefer for guys to all be blessed down there, but that is not always in the cards.

Be aware the average length is about 5 inches. Given that most fall into that range, that size matters to some extent, it doesn’t always mean that it is directly related to how much pleasure you receive in the bedroom. Also be aware that some guys are growers, not showers.

6. To Be Romantic All The Time

When it comes to romance, some guys just flat out don’t get it. The girly, mushy stuff when you buy someone that is going to wither away in a few days just doesn’t seem like a practical idea for some men. Just because he is not rescuing you at the last minute and opening professing his love to the public doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or care about you. Remember that when a guy does work up the courage to do or say something romantic for you, he is running the risk of making a total fool of himself if you are not impressed or satisfied. Guys like to keep their pride intact and only do those romantic gestures for women who they know are going to respond well to it. Plus, those moments require a special occasion or maybe even something you did on your part to earn it.

If you are not treating your guy the way he wants to be treated, you can rest assured that the romance will come to a screeching halt.

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