15 Confessions That Will Make You Swear Off Dating For Good

4. No Breakup

Wow. What a way to break up with someone… or not break up with them, as the case might be. Sure, it’s not the cliche “it’s not you, it’s me” thing, but it’s honestly just as terrible. You would definitely be super upset if someone did this to you. Hey, maybe you’ve had this happen to you, too. It’s not out of the question. You have to wonder why this person dumped their girlfriend. Was there even a legitimate reason? Did he just not want to be in a relationship anymore? It’s pretty terrible. You can’t even imagine how sad this girl must have been. She must have texted all her friends and asked them what they thought, and they probably weren’t sure what had happened, either. So even though you would hate it if this happened to you, you would also hate if it happened to one of your BFFs.

3. First Date Mistake

First dates are not easy. Let’s just admit that. If you think that you’re a pro at first dates and always act perfectly and never mess up or say the wrong thing or get nervous, you might be lying. Or you might have magical powers. Either one. Most people have had bad first dates and maybe they even made some mistakes the first time that they hung out with the person that they are in a relationship with. Hopefully you haven’t done this, though: showed your date something on your phone and proven that, oops, you’ve been social media stalking him. Of course you have social media stalked people before, especially people that you have dated. That’s just normal. There’s no reason to pretend that you haven’t done that. So this isn’t out of the realm of possibility. You can totally see this happening to you and you feel for this person. You wonder what she said to her date after this?!

2. More Awkwardness

Here’s the thing: when you go on a first date, you don’t expect the person that you’re on a date with to be married. You just don’t. But apparently you can definitely go on a first date with a married guy. This girl confessed to Whisper that, yes, she has gone out with someone who revealed that they were actually married. Talk about awkward. What would you even say if this happened to you? Would you start laughing out loud? Would you want to cry? Would you want to go home immediately? You would probably do all three. It wouldn’t be a fun time. The thing about this whole situation is if you told your friends later on, they might not even believe you at first. They would think that you were making a joke or making it up. They wouldn’t think that someone would actually do this. But, hey, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

1. Allergic To Kissing

Okay, it’s impossible not to read this Whisper confession and not laugh or at least smile a little bit. You do feel badly for this girl since this must really suck. You definitely want to be able to make out with your boyfriend without worrying about being allergic to the after shave that he is wearing. That’s like your basic human right as a girlfriend. You know that she probably wouldn’t have been able to tell her friends or family members this without them making fun of her and laughing at her because it is a pretty hilarious situation. But to her, it must be pretty serious since this is a real thing that happened to her. You wonder what her boyfriend said when she told him that he had to stop using his particular brand of after shave. He must have listened because hey, he wouldn’t want to stop making out with her. Dating is super strange, right?!

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